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Lioness in the Serengeti, Tanzania

When water levels are high and food supplies are low, these pink beauties will pack their bags and leave without a sound in the dead of the night. They might go next door to Elmenteita, or in rare circumstances, Nakuru. They may take a punt and go the long haul to Turkana in the far northern areas of Kenya, where bush gives way to semi-desert and there lies a hidden gem of an alkaline lake that may be brimming with delicious blue-green algae. For those more internationally-inclined, they'll go beyond borders for some foreign fare, maybe Lake Buenavelo in Zambia, Makgadikgadi pans in Botswana, or the Etosha Pan in Namibia may do the trick. When it comes to breeding, Lake Natron in Tanzania is definitely the go.


Yep, these birds travel alright. 


This flock seems safe for now- found with two conductors and possibly orchestrating their next move. You just never know. One day you may fall asleep to thousands of honking flamingoes, and the next morning you wake up to find none. That’s when you know these birds have boarded the evening flight out. They're fragile and light, so will travel light, making it easier to flit away with the wind as they please. Oh, what a life!

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