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Bee-Elle - African Wildlife Photography - waterbuck

The water-loving buck taking a drink from a loved water source.

The water also acts as a good refuge when they’re attempting to escape predators who aren’t as fond of water, including lions and the like. Otherwise, amidst long grasses, woodlands and scrub are where they’re most likely to hang out.

This beautiful waterbuck looked up mid-drink. I’m on the ground, metres away from him. And as we connected, what was startling clear was that it would never want to hurt me unless it was necessary for its own survival. And perhaps that’s the difference between animal and human.

These antelope are commonly trophy hunted in many game parks around Africa. They each come with a price tag and a recommended rifle caliber. Why anyone would want to kill such a beautiful animal- especially for a decoration on the wall- is beyond me. May we come to respect all animals in time.

#waterbuck #trophyhunting

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