Restoring the balance

The wide wing spans of lappet-faced vultures mean that they can glide through the air for long periods without needing to beat their wings often, except for when they take flight, as this one was about to do.

These Old World vultures are known to aggressively pounce in and intimidate others around a feast of carcass. Fighting for food was never meant to be easy. But when it’s time for these birds to roost, they are usually seen peacefully perched at the top of tall acacia trees, where they build broad flat nests. And during sunset, when one sees tens of vulture silhouettes atop these iconic trees of the savannah- these massive birds can be seen as powerful and majestic, as they well and truly are.

While the role of the scavenger is well known to be crucial, they seem to have an unfavourable reputation, similar to other scavengers like the Marabou stork and the hyena. Every creature plays a significant role in the ecosystem. Here’s to the vulture, and its contribution to the natural balance of things.

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