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Hippos in my hippocampus

Bee-Elle - African Wildlife Photography - Hippo

With no relation to hippocampus, the seahorse creature in Greek mythology, the hippopotamus, Greek for River or Waterhorse, is a vulnerable, fast-declining species, with only about 130,000 left in the wild- and there’s nothing mythical about that.

These vegetarians are battling with poaching and loss of habitat. Numbers have declined by up to 20% over the last decade, leaving them in a vulnerable status.

It’s strange to think that the third largest living land animal, after the elephant and the rhino, may not stand a chance against the giant threats created by a small land animal, the human.

This water-loving creature decided to go for a wander on land and was seen peeking out of the bushes to assess what was what. This particular one, adorably curious, will always stay wonderfully stored in my mind’s hippocampus, the region of our brain which so happens to help us store all our beautiful memories- especially those of hippos.

#hippopotamus #conservation

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