Who's endangered- and who's not?


There's a lot of coverage on the more charismatic animals of Africa- namely the elephant, rhino, the lion- and all with good reason, too. The illegal wildlife trade, trophy hunting and specifically the ivory and rhino horn trade has successfully been mainstreamed into the news. However the lesser known species remain in the wild, unspoken for.

Here's the Who's Who of the critically endangered and endangered mammals in Africa, according to the IUCN.

Critically Endangered (52)


Aders' Duiker

African Wild Ass

Alaotra Reed Lemur

Black Rhinoceros

Black-and-white Ruffed Lemur

Blue-eyed Black Lemur

Bouvier’s Red Colobus

Claire's Mouse Lemur

Dama Gazelle

De Winton's Golden Mole

Diademed Sifaka

Dryas Monkey

Eastern Gorilla

Eisentraut's Mouse Shrew

Ethiopian Amphibious Rat

Fleurete's Sportive Lemur

Gerp's Mouse Lemur

Golden Bamboo Lemur

Golden-crowned Sifaka

Greater Bamboo Lemur

Harenna Shrew

Hill's Horseshoe Bat



James' Sportive Lemur


Lamotte's Roundleaf Bat

Livingstone's Flying Fox

Lophuromys eisentrauti

Marohita Mouse Lemur

Miss Waldron’s Red Colobus

Mongoose Lemur

Mt Oku Hylomyscus

Mt. Kahuzi Climbing Mouse

Niger Delta Red Colobus

Nosy Be Sportive Lemur

Perrier’s Sifaka

Phillips’ Congo Shrew

Preuss’s Red Colobus

Red Ruffed Lemur

Riverine Rabbit

Rodrigues Flying Fox

Rondo Dwarf Galago

Sahafary Sportive Lemur

Sahamalaza Peninsula Sportive Lemur

Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat

Sibree's Dwarf Lemur

Silky Sifaka

Western Gorilla

White-collared Lemur

Wimmer's Shrew

Endangered (136)

Abbott's Duiker

African Wild Dog

Ahmanson’s Sportive Lemur

Ankarana Sportive Lemur

Ansell's Shrew

Arnhold's Mouse Lemur

Arrogant Shrew

Ashy Red Colobus


Baer's Wood Mouse

Bale Shrew

Barbary Macaque

Barbour’s Vlei Rat

Bemaraha Woolly Lemur

Betsileo Sportive Lemur

Betsileo Woolly Lemur

Bioko Forest Shrew

Blue Whale


Bongolava Mouse Lemur


Burton’s Vlei Rat

Cameroon Soft-furred Mouse

Cameroonian Shrew


Collared Brown Lemur

Coquerel's Giant Mouse Lemur

Coquerel's Sifaka

Crowned Lemur

Crowned Sifaka

Danfoss' Mouse Lemur

Daraina Sportive Lemur

Desperate Shrew

Dieterlen's Brush-furred Mouse


Eastern Voalavo

Eisentraut's Striped Mouse

Ethiopian Wolf

Father Basilio's Striped Mouse

Fin Whale

Geata Mouse Shrew

Giant Golden Mole

Giant Mole Rat

Giant Thicket Rat

Golden-brown Mouse Lemur

Golden-rumped Sengi

Grandidier’s Vontsira

Grevy's Zebra

Grewcock's Sportive Lemur

Gunning's Golden Mole

Guramba Shrew

Holland's Sportive Lemur

Hubbard's Sportive Lemur

Isalo Serotine

Jenkins' Shrew Tenrec

Jentink's Duiker

Jolly's Mouse Lemur

Juliana's Golden Mole

Kihaule's Mouse Shrew

Long-tailed Big-footed Mouse

Lorenz Von Liburnau’s Woolly Lemur

Lowland Red Forest Rat

MacArthur's Mouse Lemur

Maclaud's Horseshoe Bat

Madame Berthe's Mouse Lemur

Malagasy Giant Jumping Rat

Margot Marsh's Mouse Lemur

Marley's Golden Mole

Mediterranean Monk Seal

Milne-Edward's Sifaka

Milne-Edwards's Sportive Lemur

Mittermeier's Mouse Lemur

Mittermeier's Sportive Lemur

Montagne D’ Ambre Fork-marked Lemur

Montane Mouse Shrew

Montane Shaggy Rat

Moore's Woolly Lemur

Mount Oku Rat

Mountain Nyala

Narrow-headed Shrew

Nile Lechwe

Northern Giant Mouse Lemur

Northern Shrew Tenrec

Nyika Burrowing Shrew


Otto's Sportive Lemur

Pale Fork-marked Lemur

Pennant's Red Colobus

Petter's Tuft-tailed Rat

Praomys obscurus

Preuss’s Monkey

Pygmy Hippopotamus

Randrianasolo's Sportive Lemur

Ring-tailed Lemur

Roloway Monkey

Rumpi Mouse Shrew

Sambirano Fork-marked Lemur

Sambirano Mouse Lemur

Sambirano Woolly Lemur

Sanford's Brown Lemur

Sanje River Mangabey

Sao Tomé Collared Fruit Bat

São Tomé Free-tailed Bat

São Tomé Shrew

Scott's Sportive Lemur

Sei Whale

Simmons' Mouse Lemur

Slender-horned Gazelle

Small-toothed Sportive Lemur

Southern Woolly Lemur

Speke's Gazelle

Suncus aequatorius

Tana River Mangabey

Tana River Red Colobus

Tanzanian Shrew

Tanzanian Woolly Bat

Temminck’s Red Colobus

Udzungwa Red Colobus

Ugandan Shrew

Upper Guinea Red Colobus

Usambara Shrew

Van der Decken’s Sifaka

Van Zyl's Golden Mole

Verreaux's Sifaka

Vincent's Bush Squirrel

Walia Ibex

Western Falanouc

Western Gerbil

White-footed Sportive Lemur

White-fronted Lemur

White-naped Mangabey

White-tailed Mouse

White-tipped Tuft-tailed Rat

Wright's Sportive Lemur

Zanzibar (Kirk's) Red Colobus

Ziama Horseshoe Bat

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