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The Wild Savannah Safaris
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Encounter Kenya's extraordinary wildlife, incredible landscapes and some of the last areas of expansive wilderness on the planet

f i n d   y o u r

w i l d

s a f a r i


noun [Swahili]


Your safari, your way

Design your own private safari, just the way you like it. Whether it's about bush breakfasts, sundowners, hot air balloons, wildlife photography, glamping, or all of the above- create the safari experience that's right for you. 

See highlight wildlife destinations

From snow-capped Mt Kilimanjaro with elephants in the foreground, impressive prides of lion in the legendary Maasai Mara to the red elephants of Tsavo, learn more about the best places to visit for wildlife viewing.

Founded on our experience and respect for wildlife, the people and landscapes of Kenya, The Wild Savannah creates private wildlife safaris and cultural photographic trips to Kenya.
We understand the needs and desires of travellers, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers and create finely curated and affordable trips to create enriching and meaningful journeys, so you can leave with memories that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Kenya is home to vast spaces of wilderness that evoke, mesmerise and leave visitors in awe. While Kenya's parks and reserves are many, to find out about the most highly recommended destinations with the most iconic landscapes, best chance of wildlife viewing and cultural encounters, click here to enquire further.

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