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Founded on our experience and respect for wildlife, the people and landscapes of Kenya, The Wild Savannah creates private wildlife safaris to Kenya.
We understand the needs and desires of travellers, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers and create finely curated and affordable trips to create enriching and meaningful journeys, and leave with memories that will last a lifetime.
In a world where the number of endangered species has doubled over the last few decades and increasing habitat loss, we see an increasing importance in showcasing the beauty of the wild so that many more may see it, experience it, and hopefully strengthen the world's resolve to protect it.
"If you see it and experience it, you will care for it more, and perhaps, want to protect it more."
- Bee


The Wild Savannah is concerned with advancing appreciation and understanding of the natural world and Kenya's wilderness through experiences, and to promote wildlife conservation, local empowerment, and protecting cultures.

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KPSGA guide


KPSGA guide

Bee is an Australian photographer specialising in wildlife and conservation issues. Her work has been featured in Huffington Post, Africa Geographic and other conservation publications and recognised by the Australian Photographer of the Year award.

A sensitive and empathetic observer of nature, Bee focusses on portraiture of animals in their natural habitats. Her signature approach of combining natural elements with various treatment of natural light and shadow allows her to express her respect for animals through her own style, and to evoke in others a deeper inquiry into, and appreciation for, the lives of our fellow animals in their natural way of being.

Karanja was born and raised in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya near Lake Nakuru and has held a strong love of nature from an early age.

Previously a fully qualified automotive technician, he joined the East African Natural History Society and immersed himself in understanding birdlife and their habitats. He went onto graduate with a diploma in guiding and is officially accredited by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association. He is an active member of the international group, United for Wildlife, and is also an avid wildlife photographer. 

His guiding and his passion for the natural world has seen him travel extensively around Africa, assisting clients from around the world including Conde Naste, IFAW and other renowned institutions, by helping to impart his knowledge to those who wish to see Africa’s natural beauty.

Born in Nairobi, Steve developed a passion for flora and fauna in his formative years during school-sponsored tours to national parks and game reserves. He fondly remembers "Sebastian the Chimp” who lived at the Nairobi animal orphanage in the late 1980s and was a ‘darling’ to all school kids and adults alike.

Steve graduated from Moi University with a bachelor’s degree in Tourism. In the last 15 years, Steve has been able to hone his skills and gain a wealth of experience and has also achieved the coveted silver level accreditation by the Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association (KPSGA).

Steve has worked with various luxury safari companies within Kenya as well as eco –camps in the Maasai Mara. For the last 5 years, Steve has worked in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar with small and large groups. He has also led trips from Nairobi to Cape Town in South Africa.

Steve is very knowledgeable in matters regarding wildlife, botany, regional anthropology, politics and ornithology.


KPSGA guide

Mike was born in the Machakos county and from a young age, developed a keen interest in wildlife viewing which saw him regularly visiting the country's wildlife reserves.  During high school, he joined the wildlife society and completed various courses on ornithology organized by Nature Kenya. From there Mike developed a passion for environmental and wildlife conservation and completed a diploma in tour guiding and administration. Currently a silver KPSGA member, he is an avid bird watcher and enjoys hosting guests on safari and showing the beauty of Kenya’s wildlife.

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